Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-22

  • Just got up and ready. Watching Newt Gingrich talk about President Reagan and a new DVD about Reagan. #
  • Make plans next Friday, May 29, to come out and cheer for @UpFromUnder at the Battle of the Bands at Kamp’s Deli in OKC. #
  • Just finished up a could new blog posts and now I am heading to the office to talk with our new Church Development Pastor Todd Cathey. #
  • @upfromunder Can’t wait to play the show and hang out at Kamp’s. in reply to upfromunder #
  • Going to see The Lion King with my family tomorrow night in OKC. Christmas present from my grandma to the family. Heard it is a great show. #
  • I am having a problem getting to Anyone else able to get to the site? #
  • Wearing my favorite Wilco shirt from their tour several years back. American Apparel and so comfy. They are coming to OKC on my B-Day. #
  • enjoying a Diet coke and some Ben Harper “Burn to Shine” #
  • Theme for this year’s Student Mission Project, ” The BA Team: If You Have a Problem, We Can Help.” New A-Team movie coming out in 2010. #
  • @mknisely How is Tulsa treating you today? in reply to mknisely #