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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-28

  • – Pic of picks from my pockets. #
  • @mknisely I was in front of my house as the Google truck drove by. I stared at it as it drove by. You never know who is watching. in reply to mknisely #
  • Note to Wal-Mart shoppers: Wearing a “Hottie” tshirt does not balance out the she-mullet and missing front teeth. (via @jbstrick) #
  • Deep breath and sighhhhhhhhh…..Oh Bother….. #
  • @benharms twitpic that view bro. in reply to benharms #
  • When I am trying not to be negative I end up feeling like I just got the crap kicked out of me. #
  • @benharms When I look at that pic I feel like the air I am breathing gets cleaner. Nice get away. in reply to benharms #
  • About to start worship team practice. One more hour until I get home and start relaxing. tick tock, the time on the clock, is running thin. #
  • @matthewwright1 Great. Now I want to watch Jaws. in reply to matthewwright1 #
  • The Roots jamming the Mr. Spriggs BBQ song. I am both laughing and getting hungry. Mr. Spriggs has got some good BBQ. @jimmyfallon #
  • Tired folks. Don’t forget @upfromunder is bringing #rock to Kamp’s Deli in OKC on Friday night. We need your screams and votes. come on out #
  • @jimmyfallon and Last Call with @carsondaly are my new favorite late night shows. Fallon has a great show. #
  • @katlynhughes What’s the dealio? Why aren’t you going to be there? in reply to katlynhughes #
  • I love nectarines. There I said it. I feel so free now. WOW. This is what that feels like. #
  • Good night. #

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  • Larry Baxter

    May 29, 2009 at 11:21 am

    Jeremy, great question for Kem! That’s something that is an issue regardless of size, but that can really spin out of control if not careful as you get larger. I also like your ending question on how many different messages our church promoted this week. I come up with 33, and I’m sure I missed some.