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Twitter Updates for 2009-05-29

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  • Heading to a meeting with our Women’s Ministry Leaders. I wonder if they will bring tea and cookies? #
  • @koopsdaddy @JFBROYLES No breakfast this morning for me. Not sure I could handle chicken wings for breakfast, but they sound good for lunch. in reply to koopsdaddy #
  • Lunch Time peoples. #
  • Just got home. Planning on crashing for a bit and then catching up on some reading. #
  • The dancing from the bro and sis on SYTYCD is so bad I turned it to Rocky IV. #
  • – I got a moose. I got a moose. I got a moose hey, hey, hey, hey. #
  • @jimmyfallon Your show is hands down the best. I have cracked up every night so many times. Jack McBrayer was hilarious. #
  • ABC News story on the House of Night vampire books by local Tulsa writers PC and Kristin Cast. PC taught at the school around the corner. #
  • @kindofagirl Check the freezer. in reply to kindofagirl #
  • @katlynhughes Good night friend. in reply to katlynhughes #
  • Felt baby Margot kick for the first time today. Pretty awesome stuff. #
  • @kemmeyer stopped by today to answer a question on the Less Clutter Less Noise Blog Tour. #