Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-06-02

  • Watching #DMB live on #hulu. Corn Bread was freaking jam. #
  • Watching Dave Matthews wrestle with a mic stand during a song. LOL. I think he broke it. #
  • Dave is playing piano now. That is a new one to me. Tim Renoylds has become a major voice in the band’s sound. #DMB #
  • Why I Am by #DMB is another great new song featuring Tim. New record features a lot of references to heaven, hell, priests #
  • Is there a censorship organization for the web to police live web streams like there is for TV or have the rules changed? #
  • @mknisely Haha. Fish is definitely the new cheese. in reply to mknisely #
  • Tim is tearing up another guitar solo. #DMB live on #Hulu. #
  • This #DMB concert may have assembled a collection of the worst dancers in America. #
  • @jeremybowe LOL I thought that was great too. Is this an amazing concert or what? #Hulu is great and #DMB is amazing. in reply to jeremybowe #
  • @joshuawhite This #DMB concert may never end. in reply to joshuawhite #
  • @LukeTree Go with Gaffigan. in reply to LukeTree #
  • Waiting for Pearl Jam to appear on #Conan. Ferrell is funny tonight. #
  • RT @AMDel: @jimmyfallon that pizza song would make a great ringtone! 🙂 “pizza! pizza! chomp! chomp!” #
  • Taking @sk8ba to the Broken Arrow Skate Park on Tuesday. Hoping to meet some new friends and show some compassion. #
  • Been thinking all night bout the difference between being “teachable” and being a learner. Which are you? #