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I’m Getting a Baby Soon

Can you believe that in about one month I will take possession of a baby? That’s just crazy people. I am totally getting ready for our trip to the hospital. I am starting to assemble the bags we will take to the hospital. So that is where you can lend your advice. Apparently our hospital doesn’t have a DVD player in the room so if I want to watch DVDs while I am there I am going to have to bring my own, like I will have time to watch the Godfather Trilogy while Sydnie is in labor.

Anyways, for you veterans out there, give me the skinny on what I really need to take to hospital with me. Snacks, warm clothes, XBOX, phone charger, pillows, catcher’s mitt???


  • Chris Rogers

    July 21, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    phone charger, laptop…most hospitals have free wi-fi now and you can watch dvd's on that too, your own blankets and pillows for sure, video camera…for videos of the baby right after the birth, i wouldn't worry about the xbox…unless your wife doesn't mind watching you play ;), definitely snacks, an empty box to put all the gifts in for when you leave…otherwise you will make a ton of trips back and forth to the car. if you like to read bring a book or two. thats all i got right now. congrats man!

  • heather

    July 23, 2009 at 3:03 am

    camera is #1 , and mike enjoied his own pillow, snacks so u don't have to leave Syd for very long… or maybe a nice friend will bring u take-out .. can't wait for u guys….Heather Enter text right here!