Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Twitter Updates for 2009-07-02

  • Just got into my office for the first time in over 10 days. It is still here and still messy. Dang. #
  • @jasonhayes What if spicy is my middle name? Can we still be friends? in reply to jasonhayes #
  • The multiple accounts in TweetDeck trips me up every know and then. #
  • If you only bought one new release album on iTunes or Amazon this week, which would it be? #
  • Reading in the office to some Caetano Veloso. Haven’t had this album out in a long time. #
  • Twitter Updates for 2009-07-01:
    Twitter Updates for 2009-06-30:
    Uploading pictures from student camp to our Fac.. #
  • Checking out #
  • Just found a clerical error in a bill charging us $749 instead of $74.90 (correct). Amazing what one 0 can do. #
  • Getting hungry. Time to go home for a sandwich and some XBOX. #
  • @Rick_Smith I like the cherry and lime Diet Coke with real cherries and extra ice. in reply to Rick_Smith #
  • RT @upfromunder: Look for us in the Edmond Outlook this month. #
  • @rylandrussell Maybe Bob got old and tired and decided to go to the lake for the rest of his life. in reply to rylandrussell #
  • @human3rror I was really unaware that they sent other stuff. in reply to human3rror #
  • A Russian woman holds the record for having the most children. Between 1725 and 1765, she was pregnant 27 times and had 69 children. Wozers. #
  • @katlynhughes She had 69 kids and was probably in her 50s or 60s at least. I would say she did not die young for the 1760s either. in reply to katlynhughes #
  • Just turned in my vacation requests for this fall. Looking forward to some vacation. #
  • @levilunsford Crazy right. Who picks things up off of urinals? Not this guy. #
  • @levilunsford Almost Twitpik’d that same thing, but decided against pulling out a camera in the bathroom at WalMart. #
  • @JFBROYLES Not sure where we are going yet. Probably go out to Nashville to see family and then play XBOX the other 7 days. in reply to JFBROYLES #
  • Just hooked Pastor Bob Green up with a new blog and twitter account. More to come on that later. #
  • Birthing class #1 in about 2 hours. #
  • @rachel_antone Follw that Mulling Plumbing dude. He should be great at clearing jams. Ha. in reply to rachel_antone #
  • Time to head for the house. Although one of my favorite John Legend songs just came on. #
  • The lactation specialist at the Breast Feeding class is surprisingly monotone and boring considering the subject. #