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Twitter Updates for 2009-07-04

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-07-02: Just got into my office for the first time in over 10 days. It is still here an….. #
  • Anyone else getting duplicates of my tweets? #
  • Twitter Updates for 2009-07-03:
    Reading in the office to some Caetano Veloso. Haven’t had this album out in a l.. #
  • Thanks for letting me know about the duplicate messages. Digging into. #
  • I have lost my fat wad of keys to the church. Have you seen them? They weigh about a pound and are color coded. I miss those guys. #
  • At Capellis Salon in Broken Arrow getting my hair cut. Trying a new barber out. Place has an auto garage theme. Tool boxes and pin-up clock #
  • @kylepanter I got denied for the haircut. Didn’t set up an appt. Many people have said great things about them. Trying again next week. in reply to kylepanter #
  • Getting lunch at Sonic on way to see @richardjohnson. #
  • Hey friends, check out @jaimesmyth who will be doing worship for Families on Mission this week at @arrowheights. #
  • It totally feels like a Saturday night to me right now. #
  • @kylepanter they are off of main street in BA across from the tatoo parlor. East side of road. in reply to kylepanter #
  • Posted the Corolla for sale today on Craigslist and when I got home Sydnie said it was sold. Awesome. We will soon have no car payment. YEAH #
  • Watching Wilco Ashes of American Flags on Sundance. I really like this band. #
  • @rachel_antone Sorry friends. Hopefully it will be back on next week for you guys. in reply to rachel_antone #
  • @brianshepard Call Ambition Merch here in Tulsa for those shirts. Those guys can get it done. in reply to brianshepard #
  • Had a great practice with @upfromunder tonight. Next Friday’s is going to be great. Our cover of Volcano is sounding amazing. #
  • Installing the Wilco app for the iPhone. #
  • @jaimesmyth Looks like they vacuumed that dude. Bummer. What kind of phone to you have? in reply to jaimesmyth #
  • @katlynhughes You should follow @jaimesmyth and talk with her about music and worship leading this week. Are you participating in FOM? in reply to katlynhughes #
  • Watching Basketball Diaries and starting to get tired. Heading to bed. So you tweeps after my nap. #