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Courtesy Patrol

coutesy_logoCourtesy Patrol is on the prowl.  This afternoon I made a run to the local Wal Mart to pick up a new outdoor 32 gallon trash can to bag my lawn clippings with. I entered the store through the lawn and garden door, grabbed my can of choice and then proceeded back to the lawn and garden department to check out. The friendly older gentleman at the lawn and garden desk informed me that there wasn’t anyone at the door to check me out and I would have to go to the main registers to check out. He was nice enough to provide me with a cart to lug the trash can around on.

I arrived at the 20 items or less lane and took my position at 5th in the queue.  I quickly noticed that lane 25 was open and had no waiting and left my spot, rushing alongside a lady and her daughter with what appeared to be a full grocery cart. I picked up my pace just in case these two ladies were headed towards the same opening that I was.

After checking out I walked back through the store to leave out of the lawn and garden entrance. As I was loading my car I watched as a woman in a pick up truck was backing out of her parking spot. As she was reversing another car crossed through the parking lanes and manuevered directly behind the pick up truck so that the driver could not continue backing out. The woman in the truck had to pull back into her spot so that the other driver could pull into a spot just two spaces from the spot where the truck was pulling out. They must have been in a rush.

How many times are we discourteous to others because we are in a rush. I really believe that we live in a rush, rush culture. We are bent on getting things done and if that means being discourteous to others then that is what must happen. The strange thing is that we are rushing around in order to save ourselves just a few minutes each day. Some might say, “but those minutes add up.” Well friend, you don’t get to add those minutes up. They aren’t rollover minutes that you get to use at the end of your life. Every day is a new day for me to begin at ground zero.

Have you noticed less courtesy in our culture? Do you find people have shorter tempers and patience? Maybe I am getting older and becoming a fuddy duddy, but I think that we could all use a little patience towards others. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Remember that this week as you find yourself in a hurry to accomplish something. What is more important to you, completing your purchase of a new box of Pringles or waiting patiently and being a bright spot in your community? I think our communities could use more bright spots.

This is clearly a rant, but I do wish that we would be patient with one another and help make each other’s day better.