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In A Rush

Sydnie and I went to get an ultrasound today at the urging of the doctor who was concerned about the size of the baby. The baby is not supposed to be due until August 21st, but because the baby now weighs 8 lbs and 12 ozs they have decided that we shall have the baby on August 10th instead. Just when I thought I had a few more weeks to play video games and go to the movies the girls have gotten together to change my plans. I hope this is not a habit that is forming.

So a week from now I will officially become a father. I may have a shirt that says World’s Newest Dad, which will really only last a 1/4 of second at which time another child will be born somewhere else in the world and another poor sap will become The World’s Newest Dad. 129 million babies are born every year and I will take posession of a little girl that is more than 1 in a million.

Let the countdown begin. Live change in T-minus….

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