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It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

moving Over Christmas break Sydnie and I went home to my parents house to spend some time with the family. While we were there my friend Justin invited me to play guitar for the services at HarrahChurch. HarrahChurch is about 5 miles from my parents house and it is one of the first churches that I attended in my life. I have a lot of friends who attend church there and we had a great time. I remember leading worship for the youth with the Hunt brothers and Mr. Cory White about 10 years ago. The youth pastor back then was a young man named Jimmy Holbrook and he was one of the first straight up, in your face preachers I had encountered. The majority of the pastors I had encountered before Jimmy were soft spoken dudes in suits. Jimmy was nothing like those dudes.

A few weeks ago Pastor Jimmy called to speak to me about joining the HarrahChurch staff and offered me a position as an associate pastor overseeing children, students, and technologies. I am really excited about what is taking place at HarrahChurch and the directions we will head. HarrahChurch has recently gone through many transitions and seen an incredible period of growth. I am stoked to be able to work with a church that is placing so much emphasis on family ministry and have really enjoyed preparing for this new opportunity.

We are starting an exciting journey together as a family with HarrahChurch. Our last Sunday with Arrow Heights Baptist Church will be October 4th and we will be in our first HarrahChurch service October 11th. Please pray for us during this transition. We will be  putting the house on the market this week, looking at houses in Harrah, packing the house, and so much more.

Check out HarrahChurch online at and be sure to listen to Pastor Jimmy’s new series on Joshua. Jimmy also has his first book out called Shelter from Randall House that you can purchase at Amazon. He blogs at

We have had a great time at Arrow Heights and made some incredible friendships. We are going to miss everyone so much, but know that God has greater things yet to come for both of us.