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There has been a twisting of Scripture to create what we want.

Are we using the Bible to create the life that we want?

Are you starting with a desire for your life or are you starting with Scripture?

There is no middle road.

Follow the Leader

Follow Jesus – You don’t really have to, you really just do that in your heart (sarcasm)

Simon Says

If Jesus Says you just have to memorize it, quote it, say it in Greek, or just study what Jesus Says (sarcasm)

In California people tell you what they think, in Texas people say they believe, but live in another way.

It is not that the Word of God isn’t working it is that we aren’t really doing it.

Everyone is used to commenting and throwing in their two cents and wanting to be heard, but who is living out the Word of God in their lives and doing the will of God in their lives.

This is not supposed to be easy.

1 Peter 4:12 – “Beloved do not be surprised at the fiery trial…”

This is what makes UNITY and COMMUNITY so surprising.

Satan wants you to stop loving the church. “Resist him”

“And when you have suffered for a little while, the God of all GRACE”

Suck it up!

Expect the suffering, enjoy the suffering. Paul did.

We serve a God of Restoration. What do you need to be restored from?

Is there any part of you that longs for the sufferings the way that Paul did?

When you suffer with Christ you have fellowship with Christ.

Can you imagine being crucified alongside the Son of God? Can you imagine the bond that would be made? Are you suffering for Jesus’ sake?

The Koreans who got abducted in Afghanistan – Great story about the 23-24 person group that was abducted and held in A. They were brought together and before they would be separated the pastor spoke to them about what was ahead. He told them that as their pastor if anyone was going to be executed first it was to be him. Then another man in the group spoke up and said that he too was a pastor and older and therefore should be the first to. Then the first guy spoke up and said that he was ordained so he should go first. Check out more at

“Don’t you wish we were still there? In those cells. I was so close to Jesus.”

Sometimes the problem with your vision is that you are looking too far into the future. Your people need a vision for today as much as they need a vision for tomorrow.

It is in the midst of uncomfortable and uncontrolled circumstance that you give the Holy Spirit a place to work. Have the courage to step out in faith to do something you can’t.

If you really want to experience Jesus and the Supernatural then you are going to have to do something “dangerous”.

We have set up a system that allows people to be comfortable.

Get back to Jesus, to wanting Him, and seeking Him, following Him, doing what He says.