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Francis Chan- Setting the Pace in Love

You have to work really hard in America to starve to death.

We are far more concerned with our standard of living then we are about others living.

What constitutes any emergency? Is it only an emergency if it is affecting you?

(The Big Red Tractor and His Little Village Video)

The original church was An Unstoppable Force

Today’s church feels like if the pastor left or the music was crappy or the service times changed then the church would cease to exist.

Are you trying too hard “at church” to “be the church”?

How is your prayer life? Are you begging God for something supernatural to happen?

WE don’t create anything. The Holy Spirit does it all.

We don’t make waves to ride. God does.

Sometimes we just try to hard and get stressed out, then when it doesn’t happen for us we start trying harder, and harder, and harder instead of getting on our knees and praying for God to move.

God uses dependant people.

2 Peter 1

Do you feel honored to serve God?

Do you believe that your faith is of equal worth as Peter’s?

The righteousness of Christ puts us all on equal footing, because it is all about what Jesus did.

“May grace and peace be multiplied to you…”

God doesn’t want His kids to be stressed, He wants them to walk around in grace and peace.

People should be jealous of your relationship with God.

Grace and peace are multiplies to your through the knowledge of God.

What are you seeking when you go to church? Are you seeking God alone or are you chasing after large attendance, big budgets, rocking worship, etc.

We have a generous God. “No mind has conceived, no eye has seen, no ear has heard, …”

You can defeat any sin in your life through the knowledge of God.

This knowledge is about a DEEP relationship, not a system of beliefs.

When you know Him you will have everything that leads to life and godliness.

I’m afraid that the Good News will become Old News.

Are you making every effort towards a divine nature or are you just trying to fill a room?

Don’t try to fix the church if you aren’t trying to fix your character.

Worry about yourself before you worry about the church.

Stop trying to “make it happen” and simply teach the Word of God.

Obey God and pursue the character that He wants you to have.

What is it in your life that if everybody found out would embarrass you?

Are you lacking that peace in your life?

Growing the church is not about methods. It is about abiding in Him.