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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

New Websites

I have been working really hard these past few weeks to develop some websites for We will use these sites to resource  and educate our people as well as providing me an outlet for casting our vision. I have used as the CMS for these sites and really like what we have ended up with. The themes for the sites came from Elegant Themes who is a great place to find good themes at a very affordable price of $20 per year for access to all of their themes.

These sites are still a work in progress but we are going live with them as I continue to introduce myself to our volunteer and leadership teams and as a hub for learning about each ministry’s strategies and goals. Here is the list.

I like that I was able to tie the sites together and still provide each with their own personalized theme. Though I have spent many hours on the sites and their configuration the theme subscriptions only cost me $20 and I am using the lowest 1and1 hosting package at ~$4.99 per month. I think we have a pretty great set of sites.

How is your church using multiple sites to leverage your reach? Is it necessarily a bad thing to spread your ministries out over several sites? I don’t think so. I don’t think people will have any problems searching us out and think that each site will lend itself well to a saturation strategy designed to help us dominate search.