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Get Some Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? I am asking myself this question more and more each morning. I have a tendency to pour myself into my work. I love the feeling of accomplishment and the rewards of a job done well, but sometimes the lifestyle required to do this can wear you out. I have been spending time over the last several years learning how to balance my life. Hold back work. Spend more time at home. Spend more quality time at home. Now that we have Margot in our world it is even more important. She is starting to wake us up in the morning and is disturbing my normal sleep cycle. I am adjusting, but today I am tired. So I have to ask myself, “Are you getting enough sleep?” I know that I need this sleep if I am going to perform well, stay healthy, and be present in conversations. I try and do well at going to bed early and not getting out of bed until I have too. For a person who really only wants to get about 4-6 hours of sleep every night this becomes a battle. But it is one that is very rewarding.

How about you? What rewards do you get from sleeping? Do you take the Sunday afternoons to nap? What is attacking your sleep cycle?