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Harrah Church Vision Part 2

If someone asks me what we do at Harrah Church I tell them that we Develop People in Christ. We do this by helping them be great at the Great Commandment and showing them how to love God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and body. We want to help people develop a passion for Christ and a passion for the things that Christ is passionate about. We teach people how to care for their soul so that they can begin to give more of it to God and distance themselves from the things that rob their soul. We provide classes and experiences to expand people’s knowledge of God. We provide service opportunities so that people can be God’s hands and feet.

Everything we do at Harrah Church is designed to help people grow in these four areas. The time and effort we put into our worship services is an expression of the passion that we have God and I love seeing people passionately worship God every week. Part of the drive for me to work at Harrah Church is to see other people develop the passion for worshipping God that I have. My last two sermons have been about caring for your soul and learning how the enemy divides and attacks your soul so that you lose your joy. When we take the steps necessary to develop our soul we are able to put greater focus on the work of God in our life and trade our perspective for God’s will in our life. I believe that by gaining a proper view of who God is we are able to trade our fears and misconceptions for faith and hope that God is working in, around, and through us. We provide service opportunities for people to show the love of God to others and so that they can show what the love of God means to them. Our monthly First Sunday Serve is one expression of that. I love watching people contribute to the work of God and the excitement and joy that He gives them through the process.

Take some time this weekend to think about your personal growth and development in Christ. What are your next couples of steps in each of the four areas (heart, soul, mind, body)?