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Harrah Church Vision Part 3

Every week as I begin calling the people listed in our Connection Report I remind myself that there is more happening at Harrah Church than what shows up on these cards. Every week I encounter stories that are “Off the Card.” Many times I encounter things that are “Beyond the Card.” This means that someone listed something on the Connection Card and a call that I go into thinking will be about a Membership Class ends up going in another direction altogether.

This week the conversation is about our core value of relationships. At Harrah Church we put relationships up front because God has placed them as the First and Second Commandment. We are helping people become great at loving God with all their heart, soul, mind and body and secondly we are helping people learn to love their neighbor as themselves. The icon we use in our logo consists of a tree with four leaves. Each leaf represents growth in one of these four areas. Helping people connect with God helps them connect with their neighbors. We have found that the salvation, freedom from addiction, peace, wisdom and friendship are things that heal relationships and give people something to share with their neighbors.

As I look down through our list of guests from the past weekend on the Connection Card I see this beside each name, “Came With (Insert Name Here).” One thing that Harrah Church is great about is building relationships with people. We don’t do it as a sleight-of-hand to get someone to come to church. Our people love people from all walks of life. We like to have fun, and we are “Doing Life” with co-workers, neighbors, friends, the lady from the local diner, the dentist, the teenage grocery checker, the guys working at the local Taco Mayo, etc. We are not just “Doing Life” with other people in the church. Our “community” is much bigger than that and God is leading us to have relationship with people who have needs in their life, questions about God, who need help with their marriage, their family, their habits, their finances and more.

This afternoon I spoke with a guest from this past weekend. She expressed to me that the biggest need that she had in her life and that she has perceived that same need in the life of her teenage son. She had been invited by a friend to come to Harrah Church and saw that Harrah Church is a place where they were going to be able to build the relationships that they were looking. She actually said, “Harrah Church has everything that we were looking for.”

Before coming to Harrah Church my title was “Marketing and Media Director” at a church in Tulsa. I had a huge budget to spend on invite cards, banners, mass mailers, videos, commercials, print pieces, advertising, etc. When I came to Harrah Church I encountered something that I have always known to be true but very hard to cultivate, “Word-of-mouth” is the strongest form of advertising available. People at Harrah Church have no problem building relationships because they have so much to talk about. I can not design a brochure or invite card to compete with the energy and momentum that happens when people whose lives have been transformed begin to tell others about the effects that their relationship with Jesus and the people of Harrah Church have made in their life. That is the power that comes from a relationship with Christ. Harrah Church is what happens when people who have been transformed begin to come together. Harrah Church is what happens when transformed people tell other people how they can be transformed. Harrah Church is what happens when relationships stop existing as a “core value” on paper and start existing as a core value in person.

  • How did you find your way to Harrah Church?
  • How has a relationship with God transformed your life?
  • What do you tell people are your favorite things about Harrah Church?

One Comment

  • Crystal

    August 23, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Seven years ago a friend invited me to Harrah Church. I knew after that first visit that I had found my “long lost family.” I began attending and soon became a member. I think I have volunteered in just about every ministry trying to find my niche. I have truly enjoyed helping this church grow by adding the food pantry and it has certainly helped me grow as well. The one thing I love about Harrah Church is that you never know what to expect! I just can’t stand having to miss a Sunday because that’s exactly what happens….you miss, miss out on friendships, great music, and awesome worship with our Creator.