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I just finished reading a great blog post from Mac Lake which talked about the importance of combining vision and core values. Mac really drives home the point that people must live out the core values and not just know them. I have this image in my mind of seeing people at Harrah Church live out our core values and changing their lives, the church, and the community. This will be a first in a series of posts about the vision of Harrah Church and our core values.
One of the things that really drew me to Harrah Church were the stories of changed lives. God is doing some miraculous thing through Harrah Church. When we say that our vision is to “Develop People in Christ” we mean that we are seeing people who have never been to church or had very little interaction with the church begin following God and radically changing. We believe that this development is an ongoing process that you will be in for the rest of your life. We will always be a work in process. We want to help everyone take their next step in this development process.
In our “Know Greater Love” book series you can read story after story of people stepping out of a wrecked life and into the grace and love of Jesus. These people recognize that Jesus loves them and doesn’t want to leave them where He found them. We are a church that walks beside people as they develop in Christ. Is it messy? Sometimes it is. But it is so incredible to be able to witness God develop people.
What is your story? Where did you begin with God? Where are you now? What have been the hardest parts of development? What have been your greatest successes?

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  • Kris

    August 2, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    The story is ongoing. There are hills and valleys in all of our lives. I used to think once I became a Christian that ok – I got things right now – I need to be this perfect person. I have learned after 23 years Harrah Church that I'm on a journey as an imperfect person and my brothers and sisters in Christ help me through the good times and the bad. I fall – they help me up and just love me. I can't get over how people have reached out to me lately – I've been sad – and the people of this church sense it and love me through it. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Life is full of ups and downs – and we are all constantly learning and God is growing all of us here. I see myself being at HC for many years to come and I need the love of this church family. I love Know Greater Love because it is personal stories of what God has done in the lives of friends and He does amazing things every day, and it's nice to be able to share that with others. He is worthy of praise. I'm 3 years out of a horrible addiction. I couldnl't have done it without this church family. Thank you sisters and brothers for loving me the way you do.