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Brian Haynes – Family Ministry, Shift and D6

Brian Haynes is the Associate Pastor at Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy, Texas and the creator of the Legacy Milestones strategy designed to link church and home to equip the generations and the author of the book Shift: What it Takes to Finally Reach Families Today. Here are my notes from his talk.

What is Family Ministry?
Family ministry is discipleship and discipleship is family ministry.

We must help parents pour the Great Commandment and the Great Commission into their children so that they can build a legacy.

What does family ministry look like?
There are two components to this model – The home and the church
The danger of rolling out a model is that what works at one church may not work at another church. Learn to implement the principles, not just the methods.

  • What is your church like?
  • What are your families like?
  • What are your leaders like?

Common Language is a core component of the development of family ministry. A common language helps you change your culture and will provide a metric as you measure how far the vision and strategy have reached.

At Kingsland they have 7 Legacy Milestones:

  • Parent/Baby Dedication – This class is preceded by a class called First Steps where parents learn about and make commitments to the 7 Milestones.
  • Faith Commitment – Salvation decision and baptism, somewhere between the age of 7-11.
  • Preparing for Adolescence – All of the Tween years, getting ready for teenage life in American life and how to live it in a Biblical way. Teach parents how to lead “faith talks.” Create celebrations around this class at the church and in the home. The culmination of this is a Road Trip where parents take a weekend to make talking about sex a normal part of the home.
  • Purity for Life Weekend
  • Rite of Passage – Raising a Modern Day Night – Teach parents that rite of passage is not about car keys and freedom it is about become a Biblical man or women. The Baptist Catechism by John Piper is a short form system of doctrine. We tell parents to stay one question ahead of their kids. The whole thing culminates in a rite of passage ceremony that is designed by the parents.
  • High School Graduation – The Truth Project is taught to juniors and seniors and the parents are taught the lessons one week ahead of their students. The Blessing and Our Church by John Trent. Moms and Dads write a letter of blessing for their son or daughter and share it with them at this time.
  • Life in Christ – An adult ministry designed to teach 7 core competencies. Are you growing in your prayer life? Are you a disciple-maker? Are you serving? Milestone 7 is the most important step in the legacy path.

Encourage parents to have faith talks in their home? Parent Summit is a seminar designed to equip parents to have these talks. Help parents capture “God Moments.” Parents must be abiding in Christ and reading scripture in order to capture these God moments. Help parents learn to abide in Christ so that they can pass it on to their children.

Ministry Actions for building Family Ministry in the church:

  • Align
  • Equip
  • Resource
  • Build Wins

Questions for the Home:

  • How’s Your Own Home?
  • Are You There for the God Moments?
  • Celebrating Spiritual Milestones?
  • Are you Abiding in Christ?

Great stuff in this session. My takeaway from this session will be to sit down and organize our steps at Harrah Church according to these milestones so that parents and students can see the path that we want to lay out for them. We have begun to do this with our adults and membership classes, but have failed to provide the same path for our students and families. After a year of implementing and aligning the church to the Family Ministry model it is time for Harrah Church to begin putting more emphasis on the Equipping and Resourcing actions of building a stronger Family Ministry.

How well are you doing in bringing faith talks into the home?

If you are a church leader are you spending more time programming for the kids or trying to equip parents?

If you are a parent, what is one action step you can take in expanding the role of faith in your home?