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Be A Resource

I just got the new issue of Harvard Business Review in the mail today. The theme of the issue is “How to Get More Done.” Love it. There is a quote in the issue on page 79 that reads”

“Effective managers establish themselves as resources, making sure to check in on employees while never seeming to check up on them.”

As a pastor I want to be a resource for all the people in my care. My office is full of books, my computer full of bookmarks, my mind full of experience, etc. I am not saying I have every answer, but I can certainly point people in the general direction.

I am sitting here dreaming about what it would be like if more people in out church become resources for each other. Not just loaning books, but loaning their time, their treasure, and their talent to each other. We need each other so much, but the sin in our lives keeps us from giving ourselves away. Fight the urge and begin ministering to each other.

As for checking in on “employees” I hope that we can find a way to check in on each other and keep each other from falling into lifestyles that can so easily entangled us.

When was the last time you easily gave of yourself?

How are you doing at “checking in” on the small group of people that you have surrounded yourself with?

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