Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist


At our weekly staff meeting this afternoon we began discussing the first chapter in the book Building Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs and  Will Mancini. In the discussion that dealt with credibility we talked about character, competency and clarification. In the discussion I mentioned that one issue that can derail all three of those things is poor communication. Now you could lump communication as a competency, but I wanted to explain to the staff the need to over communicate the right things to the right people at the right time.

Poor communication will lead to:

  • An attack on your character: “I hear him saying one thing and then doing another.”
  • An attack on your competency: “He doesn’t communicate well, he leaves things undone, he is not able to get people on board.”
  • An attack on your direction: “He doesn’t know what he is doing or where he is going.”

As a leader you must learn to OVER-communicate things to people.

  • Use direct lines of communication or what we call FACE-to-FACE communication
  • Use the phone or text
  • Use Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Send people notes or email
  • Create newsletters

Hit them from every side and every angle with the SAME message and you will get closer to getting people headed in the same direction.

In the Wikipedia definition of sound it states that sound is produced through mechanical vibrations passing through a medium and that sound cannot pass through a vacuum. If you are not being heard then it is because you have chosen to communicate through a vacuum instead of a medium. Make sure your communication is hitting something. Don’t just broadcast a message. AIM your message at the people you want to hit.