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Phone Issues

I have recently had the opportunity to do a lot of pre-marital counseling with couples in our church. I must admit that it is one of my most favorite things to do. Talking to these couples and helping them discover things that help or hinder the marriage is a great task.

One of the issues that has come up recently is the role that the cell phone and Facebook has come to play in our lives. One couple explained a tension they found in the way one of them “Facebooked” on their mobile phone. Social Media is definitely creating a division between relationships, but I want to focus this post on the phone itself.

When this issue comes up I am constantly reminded of The Lord of the Rings and Gollum sitting with “his precious.” So many of us have created an intimate relationship with our phone. What do I mean by this? How is would it be for you to hand your phone over to your spouse for inspection. Did you flinch? I bet some of you did. Maybe, not because that you keep all of your terrible secrets on your phone instead of under your bed or in your closet, but you have bonded with it in some strange man/woman machine way.

My wife has recently taken to picking up my phone to play games or to explore and I have to admit I get this strange feeling come over me. Have I grown to close to my phone? Maybe we need a break? My wife would certainly agree with that.

Here are some questions for you to chew on:

  1. Is there a piece of technology that is “your precious?”
  2. Do you get freaked out when someone invades your phone space?
  3. Have you recently tried to take a techno-sabbatical?