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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Share the Win

I love seeing people win. This morning I had the chance to walk around the church and observe so many of our volunteers at Harrah Church. We had a new volunteer running our environmental screens today. He was up and ready to go after about 5 minutes of training and totally ripped it. He was in the zone. One of our Worship leaders, Amanda Coffee seemed to be singing from a different place in her heart yesterday. She is an amazing singer but I heard things in her voice yesterday that just seemed so authentic as she sang the words. Powerful stuff. Our Men’s Ministry luncheon went incredible. The food tasted great and they had so many people show up that they had to cook more.

It is tempting sometimes to focus on ourselves and our chase afte glory, but if you are going to lead a dynamic ministry you have got to learn to share the wins of those around you with people. God is doing stuff in and through your volunteers and you have got to discover those stories, share them and celebrate what is happening. If you are just telling your story them you are missing the bigger picture, which is what God is doing through the CHURCH. Your grandma was right when she called you something special, but when you join in the collaborative effort of the CHURCH we create something that is hard to put into words. Share the win.

You also must learn to allow others to get the win. Think of our race as a relay. If you are lusting after being the person who crosses the finish line every time you may be stealing from your teammates. Allow others to cross the finish line and reap some of that win. Sure everybody contributes to the success, but some roles attract more attention. Are you hogging all the attention roles? Share the win.

Find a way to help someone in your organization share the win and watch how the joy of helping others win becomes the win for you.