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The Right Tools for the Job

I spoke in my last post about some problems that I was having with my radiator. I would have never discover what the real problems were with my system if Darren Herdman had not brought his pressure tester to my house. Having the right tool for the job will not only save you time but it will help you do the job right the first time. Here is a list of the things that I did before discovering the real problem:

  1. Put the slipped belt back on
  2. Put the slipped belt back on
  3. Put the slipped belt back on
  4. Changed the alternator
  5. Put the slipped belt back on
  6. Changed the upper radiator hose
  7. Put the slipped belt back on
  8. Changed the overflow hose
  9. Put the slipped belt back on
  10. Changed the belt tensioner
  11. Put the slipped belt back
  12. Put the slipped belt back
  13. Threw my hands up in frustration
How much time and money did I expend trying to fix the problem? More than I should have. Darren came over and sorted us out in less than 5 minutes. What did he bring to the table? Experience and a pressure tester. Young leaders have a hard time listening and learning from people who have experience with the problems they face. Is it because they don’t know who to ask or is it because they want to figure it out on their own? Not sure. I do know that if you take your question to the right person you will get the answer that you are looking for.
The next thing you must learn to do is discover the right tools for the job. As soon as Darren hooked up the pressure tester we knew that my radiator cap was bad and because it was not holding the proper amount of pressure it was hard to notice the crack in the radiator. It isn’t about having the best tool on the market when having the right tool will do. Is your church using the right management software? Don’t forget that your processes are tools too. Are each of your processes the right tool for the job. I discovered when trying to put my slipped belt back on that the wrench worked much better than the ratchet and that it had to be a wrench of medium wrench in order for it fit into the space provided. Yeah, I purchased a belt-tensioner tool from the local auto parts store, what should be the right tool for the job, but I quickly discovered that it wouldn’t fit.
I can look quickly into audio and video system at the church and see that we are able to get the job done, but the amount of effort that goes into the video encoding process is not worth it to me until we can put the right pieces of gear into place. In this one area of our ministry putting the right piece of gear into place will save us hundreds of volunteer hours a year and put some of my best people into a postion to help develop others.
Create a list of the tools that you need to win in your job and work towards getting them. Pastors and leaders make sure that you are resourcing your people with the right tools and don’t be cheap skates.