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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Slight Miscommunication

I recently helped build a website for the guys over at West Metro Community Church in Yukon, OK. Great guys and a great build process. Thanks to Pastor Hank for calling. Three weeks ago I started getting all this mail for some people at their church, or so I thought. As I began reading the emails I realized that they were meant for employees at West Metro Fire in Lakewood, CO. The difference here is only four letters, FIRE, but for West Metro Fire it could be the diference between making a sale and not or providing great customer service and dropping the ball.

Here is the lesson: too many times the difference between the results we want and the results that we end up with are only a few words. The issue is those few words either escape our mind or don’t seem that important. It is better to over-communicate your expectations than to leave them open to interpretation.

Don’t just tell people WHAT you want done, tell them WHEN you want it done by.

Dont just tell someone they did a good job, tell them what actions that they took went above and beyond. In the future they will begin focusing on perfecting each step in the process rather than just getting the job done.

You can make a little bit go a long way, but a little bit more may increase that distance exponentially.

What are a few ways you may be miscommunicating or under-communicating to those around you? What few words can you add to your communications to help people under your expectations?