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The Verge Conference

As Harrah Church has worked at continuing its mission of developing people in Christ we have focused time and resources on helping people to begin to embed themselves in service to our community and not in a weekly schedule inside the walls of the church. Embed is the word I like to use when talking about a missional lifestyle here in Harrah, America. Embedding ourselves into the lives and culture of our community has come to the forefront of ministry at Harrah Church.

We have watched the food pantries shut their doors around us. Churches in our area are struggling to keep staff pastors and leadership in various roles for long or at all.

I want to go to Verge Conference 2012 to discover how Harrah Church can begin embedding ourselves deeper into the fabric of our community. How can we weave our small group strategies around serving the neighborhoods where our groups meet? What kind of ministry can we do within the daycare centers in our community? What can we do to help the schools improve student achievement test scores and graduation rates? What established groups within our city can we pull up to and begin working beside? What kind of ministry is taking place in retirement and nursing home communities? How do you support foster families who are taking in the kids displaced by addiction? How do we increase awareness and bring solutions and education to our community about the social problems that are affecting families? How can we connect the faith communities in our town with the needs of our neighbors?

I want to go to VERGE to find answers, to meet practitioners, to discover solutions to our community’s issues, to discover answers to questions that I don’t even know to ask yet. Harrah Church has an incredible heart to help develop people in Christ and they are reaching out to the least of these. I want to support the work that God is doing here, learn to develop the ability to discern where God is leading the church, the issues within our community and how to realize a church that knows the heartbeat, hurts and hangups within our community and can help begin to recover and celebrate their community.

For me VERGE is an opportunity to connect with the thoughts, practices and leaders who will help change our community and connect people to Christ.

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Verge Conference 2012 =
Facebook Page for Verge Network

 Here is some more info on VERGE

Verge 2012 is For The Gospel \ For The City \ For The Nations – an experience in Austin, Texas, on February 28 to March 2, 2012, for everyone pursing the mission of God everywhere. Featured speakers inlcude: Matt Carter, David Platt, Dr. John Perkins, Alan Hirsch, Darrin Patrick, Dave Gibbons, and many more.

VERGE is a four-day experience for anyone pursuing the mission of God, in community, whatever the context, for the sake of the Gospel – everyday leaders, students, entrepreneurs, artists, urban innovators, business leaders, community development specialists, non-profit leaders, church planters and church leaders.

Verge will resource you to make disciples who make disciples in every sphere and domain of society, advocate for the poor and oppressed, mobilize urban and global mission leaders, and champion movements of gospel-centered missional communities.

Verge 2012 is here to encourage, build up and renew all kinds of leaders engaged in the mission of God to redeem and renew. Verge is made up of pre-conferences, post-conferences, two-days of challenging main sessions, music, workshops, networking opportunities and more.