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The Beats – Your Best of 2014

Music is one of my greatest passions.  This past month I got to go see Pearl Jam in Tulsa thanks to my friends Jeremy and April Smart.  Pearl Jam was the first concert that I went to with my friends in high school at the Travel and Transportation building in Oklahoma City. The first CDs that I purchased were Pearl Jam’s Ten, Boys to Men’s Cooleyhighharmony and Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger.   I purchase an album or four each month and enjoy listening to new music and bands.  This year two of the artists whose albums I have enjoyed the most are Manchester Orchestra and Taylor Swift.  You are saying to yourself, that is a pretty big difference in tastes.  Yes, yes it is. I won’t apologize that.  I like all kinds of stuff.  I have as much bossa nova from Tom Jobim as I do albums from Pearl Jam.

I want to extend an invitation to you to tell me what your favorite artists, albums or songs from this past year were.  The end of the year is generally my biggest purchasing period for new music.  Last year my friend Justin Lester helped me find Local Natives, which I played a lot at the beginning of the year.  What music moved you this year?