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Creatures of Comfort

A few weeks ago while on a brief vacation to San Antonio I had the chance to watch the new movie Fury.  The movie follows hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy who commands a Sherman tank fighting against the Nazis.  These men face incredible battles and the movie stands well alongside great films like Saving Private Ryan.

One of the things that struck me most about throughout the movie is how these men lived together within the small confines of this rolling metal box.  Men from various backgrounds and with different temperaments serving alongside of each other.  I mentioned to my friend Kevin wondering what it must have been like for leaders in that day to lead men who they may have not particularly liked in, but had come to realize that they could rely on them.  Maybe they didn’t have the best tank on the field, but they knew exactly how to use it and how to improvise with it.

It made me realize again, a lesson also witnessed in Band of Brothers, that leaders do not just make do with what they are given, they make more with what they have on hand.  You might not have the brightest bunch, but they may be the most dedicated.  You might not have the newest guitar, but you maintain it, keep the strings fresh and make sure that it stays in tune.  In my time at Waterloo Road Baptist Church I witnessed the Student Pastor Rob Walker reach more kids on less money every year that he was there.  He was passionate about reaching students for Jesus and he made sure he delivered the message.  I can remember opening windows to the room we were using for teaching one night so that the kids that had overflowed the space we were using could hear his message from outside the room.

The conviction that I took away from this movie was to meditate upon how much of a creature of comfort I have become.  This may come in the form of lusting after new gear or simply refusing to work a little harder with older gear and more complex workflows.  If it is worth doing and you have the gear to do it then what are you waiting for.  Stop wishing for the newest gadget or next greatest volunteer and learn to use the tools that God has provided you.  David didn’t wait around for a giant spear or a magic bullet.  He picked up a rock and went to work.  What is it that you need to pick up this week in order to get to work?