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This week at Harrah Church we laid to rest a great man of God who helped start more than dozen churches in his 60+ years of ministry and even in his final days was sharing the Gospel with those who shared a hospital room with him.  Delbert Akin had a calling on his life and pledged himself to it in his early twenties and continued with it until his 83rd year.  I am amazed when I think about all of the things that he witnessed in his life, especially within the church.  He was one of the few who wore a suit and tie to Harrah Church every Sunday, but would be found attending the Modern worship service rather than the Traditional worship service.  For him there was joy to be found in the faith being carried by the next generation in their own voice and he witnessed it happen a number of times.

As someone who once considered himself the younger generation I am now ready to concede that there is at least one younger generation within the church younger than me that is creating a faith space and language all their own.  I must recognize that they are asking different questions, have different values than I do and have different musical tastes amongst many others tastes.  That is right ladies and gentlemen, Modern Worship is now the establishment.  Rock N’ Roll is giving way to Electronica.  I can hardly work some of the new guitar pedals that are coming out.  What will I do!  The first thing I should do is think about how I am giving this next generation a platform to take the Gospel to their friends and a place to explore what matters to them.  Amazingly enough in the month that we lost our only staff member of the Greatest Generation we hired our first member of Generation Y and are beginning to witness the rise of the iGeneration within our Student Ministry.  Things are changing, but things must not be forgotten.  I pray that in the days to come Harrah Church will witness an explosion in diversity and provide a place where all generations can come together alongside one another to impact a broken world for Jesus Christ.  We are stronger together than we are apart.