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Keeping Up With All Those ToDos

How do you keep up with everything that is going on?  On top of my desk today is a todo list for work, one for school and one for my house.  I have struggled in past years trying to keep up with all the tasks, and the interruptions and still try to execute things well.  Several years ago I went through half a dozen or more todo systems trying to find one that would work well for me.  I made a failed attempt to go all digital several times.  Abandoned programs haunt my Applications folder.

The system that seems to have worked best for me is the Emergent Task Planner from David Seah.  It allows me to chart out my day.  Look at how it flowed.  Did I ever make it into a real creative session or was I hounded by interruptions?  What were the major things I was trying to accomplish?  I will occasionally ask staff members to keep track of their week using some printable versions of the emergent task planner so that I can get an idea of what all is taking place in their world.  In my case I work down the hall or in a completely different building than most of the staff.  I still like to roam the halls but my observational powers are limited during those excursions.

How do you plan your day or your week?