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Sonic Highways

I have really enjoyed the new HBO Series Sonic Highways that Dave Grohl has put together.  Incredible stuff.  I am amazed each week at what he is able to learn about the town his is in and the humble men and women within these towns who have labored to help make the sounds sound coming from each city so distinct.  As you can see in this clip from Letterman Grohl is showing us not only some amazing music and cities, but letting us peak inside the creative process behind his method.  He really gets to know the town that they are working in and the people.  It really has me wondering how much I really know about the people in my city versus the people that are in my pews.  That is one of the reasons I enjoy working with the local Chamber of Commerce.  I get to meet more people from our community, discover their stories, watch and help as some of them strike out on their own doing something that they love and put together events that are celebrated by our town.

Another thing I took away from the Nashville episode deals with learning what it means to connect with your congregation.  Zac Brown’s feeding of his fans at his concerts is another example of a simple way to bring people together.  Potlucks and small group meals are the best place to discover more about the people you serve.  I am looking forward to the Holiday Family Feast at Harrah Church in December, especially whatever desserts The Winchester or Donna Kraeer may put together.  (Donna, great job on the Pumpkin Cheesecake last week btw).

I enjoy hearing from our congregation what songs are resonating inside them.  What books they are reading.  How God has moved them this week.  What scriptures they are meditating upon.  It helps me plan our worship each week and get a feel for the well-being of our community of faith.  I believe this is part of the emotional intelligence of worship leaders.  It is not about singing the songs that we really, really like.  There are a couple John Mark McMillan songs that I really love that are not right for our congregation. My job is about helping our people in their journey towards becoming more like Christ.  Step by step.  Moment by moment.  Song by song.  Verse by verse.

I look forward to the year ahead as the Harrah Church Band begins writing songs about what is resonating within our faith community and sharing those songs back with you.