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American Sniper

I had the opportunity to sit down and watch American Sniper this past Friday.  Let me say that the hype surrounding this movie is real.  You will walk in with an idea of what is about to happen and I think that a lot of people will be walking out a different person.  For me personally, I walked out with a greater appreciation for the toll that war takes on the person, on the family, that what happens to and through these men and women serving our country lasts their entire life, and that we as a nation have most likely failed those returning in so many ways.  My mother works at the Veterans Administration and she will be the first to tell you that one of the greatest obstacles that they face is not enough of our college graduates are going into public service with the Veterans Administration.  They have an incredible number of jobs open that will take care of our veterans that go unfilled.  It is my prayer that more people will heed the call to make caring for these brave men and women a life, long commitment.

There are several stunning moments within the film that bring awareness to these issues.  I think one of the greatest things that Clint Eastwood did in the film was not playing music during the credits.  The theater was completely silent as everyone exited.  Realize that Eastwood is himself an accomplished musician and has produced music for many of his films.  This was haunting, which may really be the point of the film.  That we should be haunted by the sacrifice given by others to secure our freedom.

A great film and worthy of the awards that it will garner.  I will be interested in hearing your thoughts about the film and how you are moved by the film.