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Another Set of Eyes

I spent time this past week at the eye doctor.  It has been a few years since I had my eyes checked and I my frames were starting to look pretty beat.  The visit went well and after going through all of the puffs in the eye and reading of the charts I moved to a room full of frames.  I picked out several and got some input from the young lady helping me and traded a few selfies with my wife.

Ten days later and my new glasses were ready to pick up.  The lady behind the counter adjusted the frames and cleaned the lenses and handed the new glasses over to me.  Once I put them on I was amazed by a new level of clarity that came into view.  Of course this was going to be the case.  My prescription had not changed much, but it had shifted a bit.  As the day went on I started noticing that something was not right with the glasses.  Two major things were that the right ear piece was digging into my ear and the entire left side of the glasses seemed to be very wonky, like that side was bent and shifted up and out.  My wife swore that they looked fine…as had several others by the later part of the day.  Was it possible that they were all liars?  Something just did not feel right.  By the end of the day I was getting really self-conscious about the frames and decided to make a visit back to the eye doctor.

Upon arriving I told the gentleman working at the counter about the two issues and he immediately asked if I thought that the issue was with the frame or the lenses.  Up until this point it had not occurred to me that it could be the lenses that were misshapen.  He pulled out a measuring device with a grid which clearly displayed that the lens on the left side of the glasses were misshapen.  It turns out that the lens was not done correctly and because of this the frames did not look right.  I knew something was wrong!  He reordered a new pair of frames and lenses and was as polite and helpful as I would have expected.

Sometimes we do need another set of eyes looking it at things.  A fresh set of eyes can bring a new perspective, but an informed set of fresh eyes also brings experience.  I really feel like there are a lot of directions that this post could go at this point but I want to ask to consider one.  When it comes to accountability in your life or ministry do you have another person with a great deal more of life or ministry experience looking at you and your issues?  I am so thankful for the older and wiser men from my Rhythm in Twenty program who spent the years investing in me, my family, my ministry and my journey.  They have been invaluable in helping me remember that I have to look further down the road than this year or the next.  Every decision that I am making impacts the rest of my life.  Every dollar I spend or save has generational consequences.  Every opportunity I have to hug or kiss my wife and kids is not measured in moments, but in lifetimes.  The LENS that you look through FRAMES your world.  You may never know that you are seeing life in the wrong way until you invite others to test your vision.