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Last year I moved Harrah Church to a new Church Management Software called Church Community Builder.  Prior to the move we had used FellowshipOne and ACS Arena.  What initiated our move to CCB were the Process Queues, Forms, Mail Merges, Reports, integration into our website through the WordPress plugin CCBPress, and event/resource management among others.

As we have moved forward I have found CCB to be a very robust church management system.  Their implementation process was easy to follow and went great for us.  The video and online training have been incredibly useful.  The one thing that I have not had great luck in learning more about is a site where best practices are shared.  I would really like to know what other church are doing inside the system and how they are structuring their process queues and forms.

In sharing a few of the things that we are doing here at Harrah Church I hope to discover others who are using the system who would be willing to share what they are doing, what has been successful and what other tools they are using with CCB to meet the needs of their church.  While we were with FellowshipOne I participated in Roundtable discussions that took place at with many other churches in our area.  Most of these churches were Mega or Giga Churches doing ministry on multiple campuses, but in almost every case their frustrations were the same as ours as a church of around a thousand.

I am very interested to learn more from others.  If you live in the OKC metro area and would like to meet at Starbucks or here at Harrah Church for a CCB User Group I would be a willing host.  Send me an email at to connect.  I will be posting a few things we are doing and hope to hear more about your practices.