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Fairness is Overrated

I started reading a new book this week by Tim Stevens called Fairness is Overrated.  The book contains 51 principles for leaders to live by and breaks down into four parts: Being a leader worth following, Finding the right people, building a healthy culture and leading confidently through a crisis.  I am really enjoying what I have read so far and wanted to invite you to read the book along with me a add your comments and thoughts.  Through Part One of the book I am definitely resonating with the need to live life with more margin and to learn to disconnect digitally.  Over the past month I have had the chance to enjoy some great naps.  I have not know a lot of naps in my day so I must say I am becoming a huge fan of them.  My wife enjoys them all the time and I think I am discovering why.  They are so rejuvenating.  It is not until after I got through those first few that I realized I was living on the caffeine at the bottom of my cup rather than on the overflow. Please consider reading along and let me know what you think.