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Reason to Sing

This morning at Harrah Church we will be singing a new song by All Sons & Daughters called Reason to Sing.  I am really enjoying listening to the YouTube version of the song.  There is something so honest about the song.  Dealing with matters of doubt, which almost all of us wrestle with at some point, the song has several sections that align with a person working out matters of God’s faithfulness.  Even when we are unaware of His’ plan we can rest assured that God has plans to prosper us.  This doesn’t mean that we will not encounter a little or a lot or trouble along the way.  I have seen this work out so many times in my life that has become something that I can count on.  Others do not understand my calm in the face or the midst of storms.  They have not been there or did not learn anything while they were there.  I did and God’s faithfulness is comforting.  Listen to the track.  Let me know what you think.  Share with me the song that is impacting you right now and bless God this week.