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Daddy Daughter Dance

I had the privilege of taking these two wonderful ladies to the PTA Daddy Daughter Dance this past Friday.  They were so excited all week about going.  Asking me each morning how many days away the dance was.  When I picked them up Friday afternoon from school they were out of their minds excited and I could hardly get them in the car. Mom got them all ready for the dance.  Doing their hair and dressing them up. They looked so pretty. Once we got to the church for the dance Margot was over the top excited. She literally started running around the dance floor, talking loud about the music playing and swinging her arms around her friends. She has the most unique dance style that is all her own. Maggie was watching and imitating all of the other girls dancing around her. She picked up quite a few dance moves. They were serving meats, cheese, strawberries and cupcakes. Margot loved the punch because it had real ice cream in it and she had at least two cupcakes. Her face was red with smeared red icing. I had a great time with them. There were plenty of great moments to remember. Maggie let me hold her and dance a little while we were waiting in line for snacks.  Margot let me swing her around off the floor.  I am sure they are looking forward to next year…and so am I.