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Keeley Electronics

I made a great trip to Keeley Electronics a few weeks back. I have been a fan of Robert Keeley’s work for over a decade and have owned a slew of his pedals. I happen to be looking to sell off a Fender Bassman when I got a message from Robert that he was interested in it. I loaded up the Bassman and drove up to Edmond, OK to the Keeley Electronics shop for a meeting. After arriving Robert came down the hall and just started talking up a storm about the work they were doing that week. He asked if I wanted money for the amp or a trade out for some pedals. I told him a trade for pedals was just up my alley. He walked me back to a closet stocked full of Keeley pedals. I had written down a list of gear that I was interested checking out. Robert promptly took my list and pulled everything on it down into a pile on the floor. He mentioned that this and that effect was missing from my list and began going to work. I walked out with seven new pedals. Amazing!!! I will be outlining them in a later post. Robert Keeley was just the nicest guy. He invited me into his office where he talked about the new pedals that they were working on and showed me several prototypes that they had built. Very cool stuff. He pointed to a whiteboard with the names of future pedal creations written upon it. For a pedal guy like me this was the perfect tour. Great day. Great pedals. A great deal of pedal board wiring lays ahead of me now.