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New AppleTV is Here

So my new AppleTV box arrived this morning and during lunch I went home to start setting it up. Right out of the box it was more easy to set up. The Bluetooth connection took a little longer than I would have like, but at least I did not have to spell out my password and scroll through menus to get to the network settings. The menu is different but easy to navigate. I would definitely say that the best thing about the box is the new remote. It makes navigating and getting back to the home screen quick. Downloading and installing the apps were easy and I enjoy not having a menu cluttered with things I am not using. I know you could go in and turn stuff off on the old box but why make me do the work. I downloaded a few games and enjoyed playing them for the few minutes that I had available. When I left my wife was playing Crossy Road, which is very reminiscent of the old Atari game Frogger. When I was a kid my mother used to hog the gaming console playing Frogger while my brother and I had to sit and wait for her to expire. She was really good at Frogger.

To wrap it up, the new AppleTV is a huge jump forward for the device and Apple. This is not a simple 5 to 5s shift. These are big changes bound to have huge impacts upon the screen and the living room. A+ Apple!