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Favorite Parts of My Job: Part 1

Harrah Church recently had a group of people from another church come in to do an evaluation of our ministry practices. This was a very beneficial process that informed us of areas where we need to pay more attention. During this process a group of Pastors asked me what were my favorite parts of my work. I thought I would take some space and time to explore those things.

The first thing that came to mind was pre-marital counseling. I love sitting down with couples and walking through our study material, but what I love the most is challenging them to do a couple things. The first is to pray together. For many this is an awkward endeavor. They have not really held each others hands, looked into one another’s eyes, and petitioned their Heavenly Father on behalf of the other. I ask them to thank God for something about the other person, pray a prayer of hope for the other person, and pray for the other’s relationship with God.

Every couple is given a couple pads of Post-It Notes and challenged to learn the habits involved in speaking encouraging words to one another. They tell me that this is one of their favorite parts of our time together.

Watching these couples learn the disciplines, skills, and words that make marriages last is a joy.