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Favorite Parts of My Job: Part 2

Leading worship is what kept me in the church in my early years as a Christian. I first started attending church with my girlfriend while a Senior in High School at a Church of Christ near our houses. There were no instruments, but man could those folks carry a tune. After a year of attending there I started attending the First Baptist Church of McLoud, where I came to faith, started playing guitar in the worship band, and was baptized. Prior to joining the youth worship band there I had been playing guitar at my house, alone, for years. It felt great to finally get into a band with others. The current Worship Leader at Harrah Church, Justin Mann, was the first person I met in the Worship Band during college at Rose State College in Midwest City. We have been friends and bandmates in a number of different bands since that time.

Up to this point in my ministry every job that I have held had do to in some large part to my ability to play guitar and led others in worship. I love leading others in worship. Such an honor. Each week I get to sit down and work through songs for the weekend services, think about possible video elements, work with young kids who want to learn to play an instrument, help people take the next step in learning to lead others in worship, listen to the hearts of our congregation and learn what songs are currently impacting them the most, and spend time taking care of all the gear that God has entrusted us with.

I really enjoy playing guitar and being in a band, but I equally love watching others pour out their soul in worship to their creator. This past weekend the band played Live It Well by Switchfoot after commissioning several young ladies on their way to Uganda to serve this summer. Connecting these elements of devotion and service together help make this job so great. The people in our band here at Harrah Church love what they do and are some of our most consistent leaders and volunteers. I look forward to every Sunday morning and the work that the LORD lays out before us all each week.