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Keeley Tesla Coil Vintage Treble Boost

I thought I would jot down some notes regarding one of my favorite new pedals the Keeley Tesla Coil Vintage Treble Boost. If you have been reading the blog long you will start to notice that I write a lot about Keeley Electronics. Why? Because he is making some of the best pedals in the market, they work great, they look great, and their customer service is without peer. Not to mention that their weekly product email on Friday tempts me to purchase every week.

The Tesla Coil Vintage Treble Boost shapes your tones in some incredible ways. Keeley says the pedal is styled after his Java Boost pedal. I have the pedal sitting on my board after the Analogman King of Tone and before the Bondi Sick As Overdrive. This pedal sings during a solo when kicked on. Adding a little chip to the top end and cutting the boominess of the guitar in the middle and on the lower end. It really is like holding a different guitar in your hand. There is a bit of nasal character to it when pushed. Overall this pedal brings a sweet tone to the board that other typical overdrives and transparent pedals could not.

When using my strat or telemaster I will kick it on when needed to punch through the mix. It really brings some slice to my parts and pushes it out front. With my Duesenberg Mike Campbell Starplayer TV I dial it in and leave it on the whole time. Sometimes for me the Duesenberg has just too much going on sonically and I really like how the Tesla Coil helps me bring it under control. Especially when I am finger-picking around the neck.

Aesthetically this is one of coolest pedals with an excellent rich blue texture and amazing art on the front and back of the pedal. This is a pedal that you really hate to put velcro on the bottom for fear of covering the art.

If you get a chance to put this pedal into your rig let me know what you think. Keeley Electronics just has too much goodness!