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Oklahoma Child Care Center

Oklahoma Child Care Director and Master Teacher

This year I have been putting focus on a part of my job here at Harrah Church that has been growing in importance. I have been the overseer of a large child care center that is owned by the church for many years. In fact, for several years we had two centers operating in Eastern Oklahoma County. There are currently 126+ children enrolled and around 32 employees. By comparison, Harrah Church has four full-time employees and two part-time employees. It is a large operation for a child care center. This is an incredible proving ground for leadership. This past month I was awarded my Child Care Director’s Level 7 Credentials and a Master Teacher Certificate.

The Harrah Early Learning Center has earned the highest possible accreditation score for longer than I have been involved in it. We have an incredible staff and are fortunate to have gained a great reputation within our community. Our waiting list can be as much as 9-months out and over this past summer had over 65 kids on it.

I started taking classes in the beginning of the year to train as a Director for our Center. This has included more than 200 hours of CEUs and various other training. I have learned so much about the Child Care industry in that time. The State of Oklahoma is a difficult place to operate a child care center within because of funding and regulatory challenges, but I have found it to be easy to find success here with the proper training and the right network of skilled and knowledgeable friends.

This summer I was able to teach a Bible Study to our teachers on Tuesday evenings. I hired an assistant with skill in discipling women and that has been very fruitful. Harrah Church has seen many women and their husbands come to know the Lord. We will be baptizing one of these couples at our Christmas Eve service. It has been so rewarding.

If your church has any interest in operating a child care center and becoming a greater part of your community do not hesitate to call me. Let’s do lunch.