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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

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Child Care Marketing in Oklahoma

Child Care marketing in Oklahoma has been an incredible joy. I had the good fortune to work with a dozen clients in Oklahoma this past year and will continue that work in 2018. One Center in particular is currently in this middle of an expansion project. The are adding classrooms and seeking to enroll children from their waiting list, which topped more than 70 kids this past fall. Child Care Marketing for this Center has centered on their use of Facebook to reach more families, promote what their center is doing, displaying children’s artwork, holding contests, and talking about their teachers.

As noted in the previous paragraph, this center has reached more than 70 kids on their waiting list. Can you imagine having 70 additional kids knocking on your door trying to get in to pay your for your service? They can. This center is the only year-round Three Star Center within a 10-mile radius, and it may be further than that. This center charges $45 and more per week for an infant spot than all the centers within that radius. Even with a much steeper price point this center has achieved a full enrollment capacity, with 70 kids on a waiting list, whereas, other centers in the area struggle to enroll children.

This center is performing well for many reasons: quality teachers, attractive facilities, good leadership staff, a great work culture, consistent communication with parents, a good relationship with state licensing staff, and a solid marketing strategy. Most centers are capable of improving teachers, keeping their facilities in repair, and communicating well with their parents, though many fail to execute on these most basic items.

This center has worked hard implementing a child care marketing strategy in an effort to increase awareness regarding the quality of the center and their activities. They have a solid web site, consistently communicate with parents using their Facebook page, respond promptly to Facebook messages, use a Facebook group to communicate with teachers, and involve parents and teachers on multiple levels using the Facebook platform.

What is your center doing to marketing itself using social media? What are the “pain points” within your child care business associated with social media marketing and improving your web site? How important is marketing your child care center to you? If there was someone available to help you think through your marketing strategy and goals would you engage their service?

Clearly you have a lot to ponder. Take time to consider how bringing in a Child Care Marketing Specialist can help improve your center’s performance and enrollment numbers.