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Child Care Social Marketing Facebook Contest

Marketing Your Child Care Center on Facebook With a Contest

Child Care marketing does not have to be difficult. With the right strategic plan and set of goals you can begin working towards pushing past the pain points in your business and start spending more time on making your Child Care Center better.

When you set out to market your child care center on Facebook there are many different approaches to gaining traction and raising awareness of your Child Care Center. The best child care marketing that I have seen take hold at Harrah Early Learning Center has been our door decoration contests. In our most recent door decoration contest we invited each of the ten classrooms to decorate their door or the wall outside of their room. We create a photo album with a numbered picture of each door and ask parents, friends…heck anybody with the link to vote for their favorite door by typing “winner” in the comments below the picture of their favorite door. I will embed the Facebook Post below.

This contest happened to be Christmas themed. It was a close contest between our 1-Year Old classroom, which went with a reindeer theme using the faces of the children, and the Kindergarten School Age classroom, which also chose to put up a reindeer themed door. Each door had more than 100 votes. Ultimately the 1-Year Old Classroom won out. They have won the last two door contests we have held.

When you look at the Insights for this Facebook Post you will see the following stats:

  • 6,264 People Reached
  • 381 Reactions, Comments & Shares
  • 1,936 Post Clicks

190 of the comments on the post were the result of the 53 shares. That is nearly four comments for every share. The big statistic here is 6,264 people reached. The current Census population for the City of Harrah is 6,044 people. Essentially, this contest is the equivalent of having every person in our town drop by the Center to vote, and a few of those people voting twice.

Child Care Marketing on Facebook can be a very fun and simple event. Our teachers loved decorating their doors and the winners love the contest because I purchase them lunch from their favorite Mexican restaurant, Ted’s Cafe Escondido.

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