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Gary Vee and Focus

Recently there has been one person whose video’s I have gotten energized and caught up in lately. They belong to Gary Vaynerchuk. I have read all of Gary’s books over the years and have taken away many things. One of the things that is resonating the most lately has to do with what makes one happy. Gary is a family first person, which I am really starting to appreciate right now with three of my own kids running around my house. I find myself thinking about how I am leading them.

Do I spend my time being happy with them or am I spending my time chase “stuff” that I think will eventually make them happy? It is an interesting question for me right now. I really want to spend more time with them. Challenging them. Playing with them after school. Chasing after the things that make them happy. Playing on the floor with them. The girls have discovered an affection for legos and enjoy sitting on the floor building stuff. My parents want to spend more time with us all.

I think for me right now it is time to re-evaluate what I am doing, how I am spending my time, and how I am prioritizing my work. How much time am I wasting during the day that I could redirect, which in turn would mean that I could get finished with work sooner, and spend more time with my children. What are the unimportant things that I am doing right now that I need to shed? Are there clients in my life I would be better without? Wait, what? Seriously though, that is the type of focus that I need in this moment. What projects should I be turning down? There have been many moments in the last year where I was stressed to the max thinking about how I was going to be able to accomplish what I had taken on. It is time to say “No” to more things and “Yes” to what matters most.