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Shawnee Blog at Shawnee Life

As I begin centering more of my work, life, and ministry in Shawnee, OK I have started to blog about what I do there under Shawnee Life. It currently exists as a Facebook page at Why start a new blog? Because I want to provide others with a peak into what a life lived in…

Shawnee Calling

This morning I am sitting at Starbucks in Shawnee, OK with Margot playing cards, drinking frappes, and enjoying a chocolate croissant. We have just spent a couple hours walking around the mall. I think that half that time was spent walking around Claires, which was a really long time. If Victoria Secret has lounge chairs…


The Crown

This weekend I have been binging Season Two of The Crown on Netflix. I have really enjoyed this series, the stories, and the characters. Truth be told, I have been sucked into The Crown. I like the pace of the storytelling and peeking into Royal Family. As an aging pastor it has been good to watch…