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Mac Lake – Raising Up New Leaders

Mac Lake – Seacoast Church – – @maclake 7 ingredients to a healthy leadership development strategy: Confidence in people Connection with people Content Coaching You of little faith, why did you doubt Teach them to endure the entire experience Challenge Principles + experience = transformation Cluster Learning – 4 times a year Conferences –…

LEADnow: Session 4

Margaret Feinberg Organic: natural, pure, and essential What does God love? There are very few things God loves. 2 Corinthians 9:7 – God loves a cheerful giver Exodus 16:16-21 God is the one who signs our pay check Are you hoarding the manna? We are not winning when it comes to social justice, but we…

LEADnow: Session 3

Erwin McManus: Living God-sized Dreams What if we made our lives a gift to humanity? The Mythology of Greatness vs. The Discipline of Greatness Some people live a life that they are obligated to live instead of a life they are passionate about. I identify with that statement far too well. Instead of doing more…

LEADnow: Session 2

Brian Mosley Pursuit is a big part of what 20-30 something’s are looking for. Todd Phillips, pastor of Frontline in Washington, D.C.: What percentage of energy and time do each of you as leaders give to: Leading Inwardly (leading yourself) Leading Laterally (team members of peers) Leading Up (those over you) Leading Down (those under…

LEADnow: Session 1

Started out with a Killer’s song behind a video. Great song. Erwin McManus: Acts 17:16-23 – The Third Space First Space: Outside world is invited in The Church’s Space Second Space: The Marketplace of Ideas, Job Third Space: The place where the outsider invited you into his space. A place where you are the outsider….