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Mad Men

I am watching Peggy Olson on Mad Men going through a church committee meeting. They totally nailed what it is like sometimes as a creative. Did anyone out there see the episode?      Do you think that Peggy Olson favors Thom Yorke from Radiohead?

Pet Peeve

I have noticed that there has been a lot of programming on AMC that is not what I would call American Movie Classics. Two of their current favorites are Road House and anything by Chuck Norris. At no point in my mind do this movies qualify as an American classic. So how would you define…

Jesus in China

I stumbled upon a new Frontline special on PBS Tuesday night entitled Jesus in China. I can’t say too much about it right now since I am still watching it, but I have attached the promo from for you to check out. An interesting subject in light of recent activity in China. How much…

Flip This

      Sydnie and I like to watch television on Saturday mornings.  It is a way for us relax together.  One of our favorite shows is Flip This House, soon to become The Real Deal with Richard Davis.  Richard and his crew are funny to watch and really provide great insights into how a team can…

Redbox Strikes Again

       The Samsung has been working overtime today.  I have watched The Invasion, The Brave One, Eastern Promises, and Lost today. Sayid was on killing spree this week.    We know that he has gotten off of the island, but what is he doing?       The Invasion was interesting.  A zombie film without zombies.  Invasion of…

LOST is Back

       Four hours of Lost in one week.  Yeah baby.  I found out tonight that Dan Hobbs and Rich Johnson are both huge Lost fans.  Sounds like we need to get a watch party together friends.  Anybody else out there watch the show?  What are you doing on Thursday nights?