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Blogs I Am Reading

Here are a few of the blogs that I have been reading lately.  -  Craig Groeschel and Bobby Gruenewald of  -  Great thoughts on leadership and innovation  -  Mark Batterson of National Community Church  -  Anne Jackson of  -  I just discovered Anne recently as she started commenting on SWERVE. …

Jeremy and the Fake Girls

      We celebrated the New Year with our small group last night.  We had way more food than we should have eaten, went on a scavenger hunt, played a game called Dirty Minds, and the girls bowled on the Wii while the guys watched Zach eat jalapeno peppers.  I found two really cute redheads while…

Movies of the Week

It has been a great week to watch the films.  Sydnie and I went to the movies last week with some friends and watched "Lars and the Real Girl."  I have rented "The Waitress," "The Kingdom," "The Bourne Ultimatum," and have started watching the first season of "Arrested Development."  My Aunt Kim has invited us…

Christmas Party

Our Small Group got together to celebrate Christmas together.  We went to the movie theater at John and Paige’s apartment complex, ate snacks, played dirty Santa, and watched "Elf."  John is in his first trimester and we are not sure what he is birthing or what we will call it.  We are all agreed that…