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Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

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Churches and the Web

     I spent the last 10 days digging into SBC churches and websites trying to discover how many SBC churches in several Oklahoma associations have web sites. My results from two of these associations show that less than 50% of the churches in these associations have a web site. WHAT! That totally blew me away….

The Sidebar

I have added some new widgets to the sidebar recently. The first is called Skribit, which will allow you to suggestion an idea for me to blog about and let others vote on their choice. Pretty cool. I am thinking about incorporating this one into our church website to get some input from AHBC members…


I was doodling around the web today since I was off work and ran across a website called I have been looking for a service that will allow me to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one page and this was one of the suggestions. I manage twitter feeds for Not…

Social Media Part 3 is the 6th most trafficked site on the Internet and the no. 1 photo sharing application online with more than 80 million active and registered users. I first got involved with Facebook several years ago, but didn’t really start to keep up with it until I became a student minister last year. At the…

Social Media Part 2

        Today we are going to be talking about Twitter is a mobile social networking tool that you update via text message. You may have noticed the Twitter feed on the right side of my blog. I update this area of my blog via cell phone or by logging into Twitter online.  You can…

Remote Control Heaven

       I got home on Thursday and found a box in my mailbox.  Inside the box was my new Logitech Harmony One Remote Control.  I had 4 remote controls sitting on my coffee table that controlled my audio and video set up and now I only have ONE.  This thing is amazing.  The full color…